Introduction Courses

Are you looking to get your first job in security? Are you fresh into the industry? Our 'Introduction to' courses are perfect for students or enthusiasts that are looking to create a foundation in certain blue team skills. Complete all of these courses to earn a 'Blue Team Junior Analyst' pathway certificate!

Certification Courses

Blue Team Level is our certification pathway that'll teach and test you on defensive security skills and knowledge using practical methods. Go through the training course, pass the exam, and you'll become a certificate at one of the three levels (BTL1 Junior, BTL2 Professional, BTL3 Expert).


Our certification pathway, beginning with Blue Team 1 (BTL1) is designed to teach and test practical defensive security skills across a wide range of blue-team disciplines, making this pathway perfect for individuals looking to break into the industry, or established security professionals.


Blue Team Level 2 Certification

Malware Analysis, Threat Hunting, Vulnerability Management, and Advanced SIEM.

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Entry-Level Courses

These courses are designed to provide an insight into different defensive security topics. The target audience for these are security enthusiasts, students, and individuals in entry-level positions.


Introduction to Threat Hunting

This course will start you on your journey to become a Threat Hunter. You will learn the tools that these defensive specialists use to proactively hunt for advanced threats that are hiding inside the network.



Introduction to Darkweb Operations

This course will introduce you to the clear, deep, and darkweb, and how the darkweb is used by criminals, governments, law enforcement, and people wanting more privacy online. Activities including accessing TOR (yes, it's legal).



An Introduction to Vulnerability Management

SBT's Vulnerability Management Training course will provide you with an introduction to the vulnerability management process, from vulnerability scanning, to analysis and reporting.



An Introduction to Digital Forensics

This course gives an insight into the world of Digital Forensics, including how investigations take place, and how to ensure that evidence is handled properly so it can be used in court. Includes a practical challenge for assessing an employee's hard-drive.



An Introduction to Network Analysis

Our Network Analysis Training course will introduce you to networking, what services are, and how to use two epic tools; Wireshark, and TCPDump, to capture live traffic and analyse packet captures to identify network activity, including suspicious or malicious traffic.



An Introduction to Open-Source Intelligence

Take SBT's Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) training course, and gain a look into the world of intelligence gathering and exploitation for activities such as target information gathering, public exposure checks, and investigations by security teams and Law Enforcement entities.


Earn a
Blue Team Junior Analyst
Pathway Certificate

If you want to kickstart your defensive cybersecurity career, or if you’re thinking about taking the Blue Team Level 1 Certification, we strongly suggest you complete all 6 of our entry-level courses, you’ll even earn a Blue Team Junior Analyst certificate, showcasing your motivation and fundamental technical knowledge in all 6 areas!

Find more information about our Blue Team Junior Analyst training pathway, and purchase all 6 courses, saving over 30%!

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