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Chimera was our first online live blue-team event. This operation covered 10 different defensive cyber topics over the 45-day period, with thousands of hackers taking part and sharing their knowledge throughout. From Threat Intelligence to Digital Forensics, develop your security skills and grow professionally.

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Operation Chimera: Defensive Operation

This free event contains 10 Defensive Security modules. Chimera ran between the 1st September and 30th November, with other 2000 students enrolled.

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Operation Chimera Elite: Defensive Operation (+1 month VIP)

This event contains 10 Defensive Security Modules, as well as 2 Exclusive Modules; Threat Hunting, and Darkweb Operations. VIP Chimera has no expiration date, meaning you can complete the challenges and earn the certificate whenever you’re ready. Develop your security skills now!

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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training and Certifications

SBT are producing a trio of practically-assessed certifications designed for defensive security professionals. Backed by our own Academic Advisory Board comprised of industry experts with over 80 years experience between them, these certifications will boost your defensive security career, and showcase your skills and practical knowledge. The first course will be launched in approximately 5 months. We can't wait to show you!

Get the skills that are actually in demand by hiring managers and security teams. Our training and certifications are heavily focused on practical ability, with a hint of security management principles, giving you the right knowledge to excel in defensive security.

Our three certifications will teach skills at an increasing complexity, with the higher level courses also containing additional modules with more sophisticated content. Develop skills that are genuinely used in a security role, and boost your career.

Say goodbye to multiple choice exams. Here at SBT we want to ensure you have the knowledge and ability to perform defensive security operations. Say hello to hardening Windows and Linux systems, vulnerability scanning, creating automated defences, maintaining firewalls, threat hunting, and much more.

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"SBT provides a great introduction into the world of blue team security. With the 10 modules of Chimera, I have gained valuable knowledge that will help me with my learning, and has already helped me in my current role."
United Kingdom
“As a Security Analyst, Operation Chimera has been absolutely incredible at getting me to better understand tasks I need to perform daily, and makes it easier to train new staff and members of the team.”
New Zealand
“SBT trained me to perform investigations that I now do in my daily job. It was well-aligned with real life scenarios which has boosted my confidence at work.”
"I've spent the past year in search for good quality content about blue-teaming. Not only did I find what I needed, but I was lucky enough to find this supportive and fun community where learning becomes so much easier."

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