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We have over 60,000 students across governments, military units, law enforcement teams, CERTs, banks, managed security providers, educational institutes, and many more.

Who Are We?

Here at Security Blue Team we're passionate about cybersecurity training. We want to ensure our students learn relevant and useful skills which can immediately be used in the real world.

We work with industry experts, including SOC Managers, Senior Security Analysts, Incident Responders, and more to help develop training that is applicable to modern security operations.

Why Learn With Us?

Our training is utilised by a range of industries around the world, including government, military, managed security providers, consultancies, banks, and other multi-billion dollar companies.

Read some reviews from genuine students to see how our certifications have helped them to land their first job in security or helped them pivot to more senior positions.

Blue Team Certifications

improve your skills with our training and practical exams.

Most industry certifications rely on multiple-choice exams and theory-based training. Here at SBT, we’ve decided to shake things up by providing quality practical training with hands-on assessments. All of our training has been created by groups of industry experts with 100+ years combined experience in security.

Our certifications are used by defenders in government, military, managed security providers, financial institutions, education, and many more industries around the world.

blue Team Level 1 (BTL1)
junior Level

BTL1 is designed primarily for individuals that are new to the industry, or are in junior positions that want to land a job or progress to a mid-level role.

Blue Team Level 2 (BTL2)
Professional Level

BTL2 is designed primarily for technical defenders that already have experience in security operations or a similar domain, and want to progress to a senior-level role.

Blue Team Level 3 (BTL3)
Expert Level

BTL3 is designed primarily for top-tier technical defenders that have a wealth of experience in security operations or a similar domain, and want to be among the strongest security professionals in industry.

Certified Security Operations Manager (CSOM)
Expert Level

CSOM is designed for aspiring or existing security managers that want a deep understanding of how to build, run, and mature a security operations team.

Corporate Training Solutions

what can we do for your Team?

Team Leader Dashboards

Manage multiple in-house teams from a centralised platform. View statistics as your team progress through our training, labs, and exams.

Corporate Discounts

We offer volume-based discounts for our training and gamified lab platform, BTLO. Organisations typically save 15%.

buy Now, Use Later Scheme

All products purchased can be held for 12 months, allowing you to issue training to your team when they're ready.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your Account Manager will understand your requirements, help plan training pathways, and assist you with purchasing and onboarding.

New to Cybersecurity?

Entry-Level Training Courses

These short-and-sweet practical courses are designed for students with little or no prior security experience. You’ll learn about, and use, real-world security tools to complete challenges, and gain an insight into different blue team disciplines. Plus, if you complete all 6 courses, you’ll earn a certificate of completion for the pathway!

Please note BTJA is not a certification, it is a training path.

All of our Introduction To courses are now FREE!


Introduction to Threat Hunting

This course will start you on your journey to become a Threat Hunter. You will learn the tools that these defensive specialists use to proactively hunt for advanced threats that are hiding inside the network.



Introduction to Darkweb Operations

This course will introduce you to the clear, deep, and darkweb, and how the darkweb is used by criminals, governments, law enforcement, and people wanting more privacy online. Activities including accessing TOR (yes, it's legal).



An Introduction to Vulnerability Management

SBT's Vulnerability Management Training course will provide you with an introduction to the vulnerability management process, from vulnerability scanning, to analysis and reporting.



An Introduction to Digital Forensics

This course gives an insight into the world of Digital Forensics, including how investigations take place, and how to ensure that evidence is handled properly so it can be used in court. Includes a practical challenge for assessing an employee's hard-drive.



An Introduction to Network Analysis

Our Network Analysis Training course will introduce you to networking, what services are, and how to use two epic tools; Wireshark, and TCPDump, to capture live traffic and analyse packet captures to identify network activity, including suspicious or malicious traffic.



An Introduction to Open-Source Intelligence

Take SBT's Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) training course, and gain a look into the world of intelligence gathering and exploitation for activities such as target information gathering, public exposure checks, and investigations by security teams and Law Enforcement entities.


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