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A gamified platform for defenders to practice their skills in labs and challenges covering incident response, digital forensics, security operations, reverse engineering and more. Free and paid content available.

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PRACTICAL security Certifications

Our practical security certifications are designed to create the strongest defenders possible, using a range of lessons, videos, tests, practical exercises, and hands-on assessments. Created by teams of experienced cybersecurity experts, we ensure that relevant and useful knowledge is transferred, and that these certifications hold weight within the industry.

Security Fundamentals

Build your foundational knowledge across security concepts and tools.

Threat Intelligence

Understand threat actors, motivations, intelligence sharing, and more.

Phishing Analysis

Triage phishing emails to retrieve indicators and take defensive measures.


Conduct analysis on real data in a SIEM to investigate threats across a range of logs.

Digital Forensics

Analyse artifacts on Windows and Linux systems to uncover malicious activity.

Incident Response

Develop your understanding of the IR lifecycle, security controls, and MITRE ATT&CK.

Malware Analysis

Learn how to triage .exe, .pdf, and .docx files with a range of static and dynamic tools.

Vulnerability Management

Take a risk-based approach to identifying, prioritising, and remediating vulnerabilities.

Threat Hunting

Work to identify undetected threats on endpoints and by monitoring traffic across the network

Advanced SIEM

Hunt and conduct emulation operations to aid with the creation of detection rules and dashboards.

Insider Threat Detection

Utilise End User Behavioural Analytics (EUBA) to silently identify and investigate malicious insiders.


This domain has not yet been decided.

Cyber Deception & Trapping

Deploy traps, gather intelligence, and delay cyber attacks to allow proper scoping, containment, and eradication.

New to Cybersecurity?


These short-and-sweet practical courses are designed for students with little or no prior security experience. You’ll learn about, and use, real-world security tools to complete challenges, and gain an insight into different blue team disciplines. Plus, if you complete all 6 courses, you’ll earn a certificate of completion for the pathway!

Please note BTJA is not a certification, it is a training path.

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