About Us

Learn about who we are, and what we do at Security Blue Team. You'll be introduced to the team, as well as our Academic Advisory Board, which ensures all of our content is high quality and follows industry best practice.

SBT is made of security professionals that are dedicated to passing on their technical skills, helping individuals break into industry, or developing existing talent in the industry workforce. At the moment, SBT is split into three main groups; Community Events, Practical Certifications, and Tailored Training Solutions.

Community Events: We are dedicated to bringing fun, free, and engaging online events, ranging from CTFs to training operations. We believe everyone should have access to free and affordable security training, helping individuals to develop their skills and protect themselves (and others) online.

Practical Certifications: We are currently developing three practically-assessed certifications with accompanying training courses. More information will be released on these once everything is set up behind-the-scenes. We can’t wait to share more info!

Tailored Training Solutions: People like our training, and that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. In the near future, we will be taking requests from organisations for customised training, allowing us to teach the skills that your organisation needs. Our training packages will include tailored training content, challenges (both practical and theoretical), and more!

SBT and SRT are owned and created by Joshua Beaman, a 22 year-old Security Analyst from the UK, with a deep interest in all things blue and red team. Joshua is dedicated to providing everyone with quality, practical training content.

Meet Our Academic Advisory Board

Our academic content is overseen by our Academic Advisory Board, with a combined total of over 100 years experience in the security industry. Some names and pictures have been redacted for security reasons, due to the nature of their work.

Comprised of industry experts including Senior Security Analysts, Security Managers, and Cyber Instructors, the board ensures that our certifications are comprehensive and transfer the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in defensive security.

BTL1 - James Weston

James is a former Police Officer, who is now a Senior Security Analyst, and the Co-Founder and Director of PhishTool.

BTL1 - Gage Southard

Gage is an Active Duty Cyber Warfare Operations NCO, and is a SANS Mentor for SEC555.

BTL1 - Filip Vlasic

Filip is a Senior Security Analyst, with experience as a consultant, and 8 years in a government CERT.

BTL1 - Derek Scheller Jr

Derek is a US Army Veteran, a Senior Security Engineer, and is a SANS Mentor for SEC401/501. 

BTL1 - Gabrielle Hempel

Gabrielle is a Senior Security Analyst, an instructor on Cybrary, and provides consultancy to law enforcement entities.

BTL1/BTL2 - Shawn Thomas

Shawn is a SOC Manager, incident responder, threat hunter, podcaster, and speaker. He builds and manages detection and analysis programs for large enterprises while mentoring analysts.

BTL1 - Michael Jenks

Michael works as a Training Program Lead, and has previously worked as an analyst, consultant, incident responder, and has helped build multiple Security Operations Centres.

BTL1/BTL2 - Ismael Briones-Vilar

Ismael is a Senior Security Analyst, specialising in malware analysis and digital forensics, with 15 years experience in this field.

BTL1 - Jake

Treadstone 71, GIAT
Jake is a experienced SOC and CTI tactical threat analyst, with advanced knowledge of Phishing, OSINT, and Threat Intelligence.

BTL1 - James

James is the Director of Security Operations and Incident Response for a global company, and built the SOC capability.

Security Blue Team is dedicated to providing affordable, practical, and high-quality defensive cybersecurity training, certifications, and community events.