A hands-on defensive security training course and certification, showcasing practical ability in defending networks and systems from cyber threats.

BTL2 Academic Advisory Board & Technical Writers

With almost 100 years experience in the security industry, these security experts have ensured that the content and practical exam for BTL2 are scoped correctly, and reflect industry best-practice. This ensures that our students will have the most beneficial experience, and get the most value out of our certification. 

Shawn Thomas

SOC Manager
Shawn is a SOC Manager, incident responder, threat hunter, podcaster, and speaker. He builds and manages detection and analysis programs for large enterprises whilst mentoring analysts.

Sean Pattee

Senior Threat Analyst
Sean is a Senior Threat Analyst, Incident Responder, and co-runs a Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics firm located in Phoenix, AZ.

Mat Lyons

Senior Security Consultant
Mat is an Enterprise Incident Management Consultant focusing on incident response, threat hunting, and proactive services.

Andrew Tomlinson

Senior Security Analyst
Andrew is a Senior Security Analyst, working as the defensive use case and assurance function lead with an adjacent focus on vulnerability risk management. Previously worked as a network security engineer consultant.

Jai Minton

Principal Security Analyst

Ismael Briones-Vilar

Senior Security Analyst
Ismael is a Senior Security Analyst, specializing in malware analysis and digital forensics, with 15 years experience in this field.

Joshua Beaman (Lead/Vuln Management)

Security Analyst

Sabastian Hague (Advanced SIEM)

Cyber Security Specialist

Venkatesh Sathya​
(Malware Analysis)

Senior Security Analyst

Andrew Huange (Threat Hunting)

Security Engineer

Why Choose BTL2?

Simply put, we don’t use multiple choice exams. We teach and test student’s abilities by using practical methods, and that’s why we’re so popular – our students love getting hands-on with real-world tools, in real-world scenarios, giving them a genuine boost to their career.
Network defenders need to know how to defend, not how to tick boxes.

Different Teaching Styles

To appeal to all learning styles, we teach our content using a mixture of written material, video demonstrations, knowledge tests, and lots of practical challenges and activities.

Content Vetted by Industry Experts

Our Academic Advisory Board and Technical Writers have a combined experience of over 90 years in security. They work hard to ensure all of our content is relevant and of high quality, ensuring the most beneficial experience for our students.

Relevant & Updated Content

All of our content is updated, relevant, and reflects industry best practice. Learn the skills you actually need to work in a defensive security position.

A Certification That Showcases Practical Skill

Blue Team Level 2 certificate holders have proven their knowledge and ability to perform hands-on security tasks. Students have the practical ability and experience to succeed in defensive security roles.

Course Details


BTL2 is aimed at security professionals with 2-5 years experience in a practical role, but is suitable for anyone. Roles that we believe would benefit from this course include:

  • Security Analysts
  • Incident Responders
  • Security Consultants
  • Threat Hunters
  • Malware Analysts


Students must meet the following criteria to start Blue Team Level 2:

  • Blue Team Level 1 Certified (to earn BTL2+).
  • Fundamental understanding of security operations.
  • Fundamental understanding of Windows and Unix systems.
  • A stable internet connection (for videos and labs).
  • A genuine passion for cybersecurity.


Below are just a few examples of the practical skills that you will have acquired upon successful completion of the BTL2 exam:

  • Identify, analyze, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities and security issues.
  • Conduct static and dynamic malware analysis to gather indicators of compromise and details of the malware’s purpose.
  • Writing SIEM detection rules, and tuning them to ensure they’re as efficient as possible by performing adversary emulation.
  • Hunt on a simulated network to detect covert adversaries that have already breached the perimeter.

Course Content

In this domain of Blue Team Level 2, students will become familiar with the entire vulnerability management process, ensuring that they can detect, analyze, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities based on the risk posed to an organization.

  • VM1) Introduction to Vulnerability Management
  • VM2) Vulnerability Management Lifecycle
  • VM3) Host Discovery
  • VM4) Vulnerability Disocvery
  • VM5) Analysis, Prioritization, and Threat Intelligence
  • VM6) Reporting and Remediation

In this domain of Blue Team Level 2 students will learn exactly what malware is, and how to analyze it using static and dynamic tools and techniques, determining what the functionality is and collecting indicators of compromise that can be shared to protect other organizations.

  • MA1) Introduction to Malware Analysis
  • MA2) Setting up a a Malware Analysis Lab
  • MA3) Static Malware Analysis
  • MA4) Dynamic Malware Analysis
  • MA5) Malware Analysis Practice

In this domain of Blue Team Level 2 students will use Splunk SIEM to write detection rules, tune rules to ensure they are as effective as possible and reduce false positives, and analyze data to detect and triage security events, similar to the role of a Senior SOC Analyst.

  • AS1) Introduction to Advanced SIEM
  • AS2) Setting up a SIEM Lab
  • AS3) Detection Rule Writing
  • AS4) Rule Tuning
  • AS5) Adversary Emulation, Detection, and Analysis

In this domain of Blue Team Level 2 students will learn the methodology and techniques to perform threat hunts, working to identify covert and undetected threats that are already inside of the environment. Students will become familiar with Hunting ELK (HELK) to identify and combat threats.

  • TH1) Introduction to Threat Hunting
  • TH2) Setting up a Threat Hunting Lab
  • TH3) Hunting on Endpoints
  • TH4) Hunting Over the Network
  • TH5) Threat Hunt Report Writing

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