Corporate Clients
Get The Most From Our Training Solutions

We train cybersecurity teams all around the world. From financial institutions to governments, military units to telecommunications giants, our passion is providing affordable, practical training that creates stronger defenders. We offer a range of unique features and services to corporate clients, such as:

  • SBT Team Lead Dashboard to track training and lab progress across our certifications.
  • BTLO Team Lead Dashboard to track lab & challenge completion, user-based metrics, and manage multiple in-house teams.
  • Corporate discounts for BTL1 (5+) and BTL2 (3+) training and certification. On average, organisations save around 15%.
  • A Corporate Account Manager that will answer any questions you have, help you onboard your team members, and more.
  • Easier invoicing by purchasing multiple products in one order, instead of individual orders.
  • ‘Buy Now, Use Later’ scheme. Purchase products, get redeemable vouchers valid for 12 months.

Please note that that we consider 5 or more individuals from the same organisation to be a team. This minimum requirement must be met to gain access to corporate benefits such as Team Leader Dashboards.

    Security Operations
    Certifications For Teams

    Blue Team Level (BTL) is our practical security operations certification path that covers a wide range of defensive domains without compromising on detail. Why pay thousands for a course that teaches one topic, when you can study multiple areas in one course?

    Develop your team’s capabilities today with our practical certifications.

    Junior, Professional, and Expert levels.

    Gamified Security Labs
    For Teams

    Blue Team Labs Online (BTLO) is our gamified lab platform for existing defenders to flex their skills in downloadable challenges and cloud labs across topic such as digital forensics, incident response, security operations, and more!

    Develop your team’s capabilities today with our practical scenario-based labs.

    Please note that only individuals with appropriate permission/buying power should request a quote. We may choose to contact the company via other methods to confirm the legitimacy of a request.
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