SBT eLearning Migration

Understanding the move to our new training platform.

Migration Status

BTL1 Students – Automatically Migrated Most Students

BTL2 Students – Automatically Migrated Most Students

i2/BTJA Students – Migrated All Students

Registration – Open to Everyone

Accessing the New Platform

For BTL1/BTL2 Students:

Attempt a password reset on the new site. If you get the error “We can’t find a user with that email address” then go to the next step.

Please email us at to have your account manually migrated. All we need is your email address!

If you have i2/BTJA courses, then your account will have been migrated (as explained below) but you may not see BTL1/2 in your account. Please raise a support ticket via the new platform (? in the bottom-right corner) and we can add it for you!

For i2/BTJA Students:

You will be required to perform a password reset on the new platform to gain access to your account once you have been migrated (see status above).

Course Progress

As mentioned in our 2022 Major Announcements in February, we are unable to migrate course progress (except for lab progress for BTL1 and BTL2).

If you are studying for BTL1/2, course progress is not required to take the exam, so this will have no impact on your progress.

If you are studying for the i2 courses or the BTJA pathway, you will need to have 100% completion to gain certificates.