Introduction to Darkweb Operations

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Our Introduction to Darkweb Operations course will introduce you to the clear, deep, and dark web, and how this part of the internet is used by law enforcement, security teams, and cyber criminals. You will be using the TOR browser to access dark web resources securely for education, privacy, and fun!

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Welcome to our course for Darkweb Operations! The Darkweb sounds scary, and well, yeah it is. Illegal marketplaces, sites hosting horrific content, underground forums, and much more. But it’s useful for security professionals and law enforcement, because this is where attacks are usually planned. Forums are a gold mine for threat intelligence, meaning we can anticipate attacks and stop them before they happen. Other benefits include finding data breach dumps, malware for sale, threat actor tracking and much more. We hope you enjoy this course! 

Below are the practical aspects that are included in this course, giving you a chance to put the knowledge you’ve learned into practice, and gain some hands-on experience.

Browsing dark web sites

You’ll become familiar with using the TOR browser to access the dark web, find site URLs using clear web and dark web search engines, and visit dark web sites.


In this scripted scenario, you are working as a Dark Web Intelligence Analyst (DWIA). Your goal is to find our hidden dark web site to uncover malicious activity, and record any intelligence you can find.

If you complete the final exam, you will be eligible to receive an e-certificate showing that you have completed this course and developed your network analysis fundamental skills! Great for sharing on LinkedIn to showcase your motivation and drive to develop your skills (plus we love hearing from our students!)

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