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Blue Team Level 1 Exam Resit

This course is purely for the re-sit of BTL1 for students that took the exam prior to

Introduction to Threat Hunting

Welcome! Welcome to our course for Threat Hunting! This specialised purple-team role focuses on detecting advanced threats that are already within the network, and have so far remained undetected. Using both manual and automated techniques, Threat Hunters search for malicious artefacts over the network and on systems. This role is highly technical and is ever-changing, …

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Introduction to Darkweb Operations

Welcome! Our Introduction to Darkweb Operations course will introduce you to the clear, deep, and dark web, and how this part of the internet is used by law enforcement, security teams, and cyber criminals. You will be using the TOR browser to access dark web resources securely for education, privacy, and fun! By purchasing this …

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Blue Team Level 2 Certification

BTL2 HAS MOVED The BTL2 training course, labs, forum, and exam have all moved to SBT’s new website. Please login using the credentials from the BTL2 lab platform here: Can’t login? Email and ask to have your account migrated (we’ll need your username/email).

Blue Team Level 1 Certification

BLUE TEAM LEVEL 1 > practical defensive cyber certification // Junior level Student Forum Blue Team Labs Online Our gamified lab platform is the perfect place for BTL1 students to get more practice, especially if you want to earn the rare gold challenge coin! With content covering Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Security Operations, Reverse Engineering, …

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An Introduction to Digital Forensics

Welcome to our entry-level course for Digital Forensics! You’ll learn about evidence types, the Chain of Custody, as well as practical skills such as basic Linux commands, steganography and file carving techniques, as well as passworded ZIP file cracking. Using written material and practical challenges, this entry-level introduction course will give you a great insight …

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An Introduction to Network Analysis

Welcome! Welcome to our course for Network Analysis! We will be teaching you how to effectively use Wireshark and TCPDump for recording network traffic, and analysing packet captures. To reinforce everything you’ve learned, we have created a number of PCAPs that you will be analysing with the tools covered in this course. For the final …

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