An affordable, gamified platform for established defenders to practice pre-existing skills in scenario-based labs.


Blue Team Labs Online (BTLO) is our gamified lab platform for experienced security professionals to keep their skills sharp by practicing in online lab environments. From incident response to digital forensics, threat hunting to security analytics, develop your skills and capabilities in an engaging and exciting environment.


Our in-browser labs are built to contain a small scenario, where students will answer questions to earn points. No shared labs here, each student has their own dedicated lab environment, with no setup required!


We also provide offline content, called ‘challenges’. These are downloadable files that allow you to practice in your spare time and earn additional points. Examples include packet captures, memory dumps, disk images, and more!


We’ve worked hard to build exciting achievements that are awarded for completing a range of activities on our platform. Achievements also come with in-platform badges and ranks, giving you a unique way to show off your hard work!


The leaderboard is at the heart of our platform, allowing players to see their position on global and country-specific leaderboards. Earn points, climb higher, and brag about it! (Don’t worry if you’re not competitive, you’ll have fun too!)


Along with normal operations we’ll be looking to run engaging community events; time-limited content that allows users to work together (or against) each other and earn exclusive rewards!


We want to offer as much quality content as possible, and we want to work very closely with our players to take onboard their suggestions and ideas, giving them rewards and subscription credit for their help (such as super exclusive ‘Content Creator’ badges and titles!).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but it’ll be limited at launch and we’ll work to expand it over time to allow students a chance to ‘try before you buy’. The free version will include 1 investigation lab, along with all of our challenges.

BTLO PRO subscribers will have access to all of our investigation labs (12 unique scenarios at launch) and can replay them as many times as they want. This includes any new labs that are released!

At this point in time, BTLO is designed for players that already have experience in cybersecurity, as it is not a training platform – it’s a place for defenders to practice existing skills. We are already working on a training path, but for now you should study using online resources!

A monthly subscription, which can be cancelled anytime, will be $25. We will offer discounts for purchases of 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month subscriptions!